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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  May 4, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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intentions. it was about 5:30 when the bodies of church codirector margarette cole and administrator brenda brewington were found in an office at the church, both shot, brewington dead on the scene and kohn hospitalized in grave condition. the man police say shot them was found in woods near the church with what investigators say was a self-inflicted gunshot wound after exacting some form of a revenge. >> we believe if there was a motive here that may have been what it was. >> reporter: a previous address listing for jones, a house adjacent to church property. police say his body was found in the woods near an encampment where he appeared to be living. they also found a hand gun near jones' body. >> we're in a broken world filled with lots of sadness and suffering and we need god's help. >> reporter: at st. pee peter's sister parish just up the road the sadness and loss are sinking in. they've opened their doors to the members. >> we are grieving, sad, want to
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be here to offer our prayers and space as we are able to. >> reporter: back at st. peter's -- the accomplishments of both ms. brewington a tireless supporter of the day school and friend to the whole parish and mary margarette a beloved minister and counselor to both our parish and traumatized members across the country are too numerous to mention. please hold them in your prayers. >> reporter: now the episcopal church is in the midst of its easter season and adds another level of sorrow to the tragedy that happened in this church here behind me. in about an hour they expect to have a service. it'll be a special closed service for members only while they can continue and begin actually a long, hard grieving process after this tragedy. in ellicott city, maryland, derrick ward, news 4. >> a bladensburg woman has been convicted of arranging for a mother to be doused with acid while holding her toddler. tamera jackson was found guilty on 4 of 12 counts today including assault and endangerment. she was angry at the victim who
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was dating her ex-boyfriend in 2010. prosecutors say jackson convinced a friend to carry out the attack in a parking lot in oxon hill. >> as you all know this was an attack that was senseless and that was heartless, cold, and just violent beyond belief. >> jackson could face 65 years in prison when she is sentenced in august. the woman who actually threw the acid pled guilty to assault charges last july. she testified against jackson and is also asentencing. new sexual abuse allegations against dominic strauss-kahn involving a hotel here in washington. french investigators are studying accusations strauss-kahn may have been involved in a rape during a sex party in 2010. according to the "new york times" the party happened at the "w" in downtown d.c. strauss-kahn's attorneys say their client denies any violence against women. the french economist already faces a trial in new york over a hotel maid who is suing him for sexual assault. a woman who identifies
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herself as the colombian prostitute at the center of the secret service scandal spoke publicly about it for the first time today. she talked to a colombian radio network. kristen welker is at the white house with details. >> reporter: jim, good evening. there are a few key headlines that came out of this interview. for one, she says that if she had wanted to she could have taken sensitive materials from that secret service agent with whom she spent the night. she says that he was sleeping all night long. now, of course, we know that never happened. she also says that the night that they met at the club he agreed to pay her $800 for sex then woke up the next morning and refused, kicked her out of his hotel room, and of course as we know that led to the now infamous fight which made this entire incident go public. suarez also claims she never knew he was a secret service agent. she says if she had known she would never have gotten involved in all of this. she says basically this has
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ruined her life. she is a mother of a 9-year-old son. by the way, she also called the secret service personnel idiots for getting involved in this. now, nine secret service personnel are in the process of basically losing their jobs as a result of this incident. the military has just wrapped up its first phase of their internal investigation. military officials will send the findings to a chand ecommander l now have to determine whether to bring criminal charges against the 12 military personnel implicated in this. jim? >> thank you. maryland's governor has called a special session so lawmakers can work out a budget. they're going to head back to work on may 14th. during the regular session lawmakers could not agree on an income tax package and that triggered 512 million in cuts, mostly at the expense of education and public services. governor martin o'malley says he will also consider a special session for gaming this summer. the new jobs report is out. it suggests that employers
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pulled back on hiring for a second straight month. the labor department reports 115,000 jobs were added. that's less than the number of people hired in march. the unemployment rate ticked down 0.1% to 8.1% but analysts say that's because more people just gave up looking for a job. now to the weather. storms rumbling throughout parts of our area right now. so when will it clear out? storm 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer is here to let us know. how about it? >> i think it is going to clear out for many of us as we make our way through the rest of the evening hours. friday evening not looking too bad out there right now. 82 degrees the current temperature. dew point at 63. very humid atmosphere right now. a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. winds right now out of the south about 7 miles per hour. here is the current temperatures. 83 in martinsburg. 84 in frederick. 72 rain cooled down toward culpepper. 78 in fredericksburg. washington and la plata both at 82. la plata about to cool down with the rain. here is the rain just to the south of washington in through southern fairfax county down
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crossing over from stafford county over toward charles county and a few more showers back to the west here. we'll zoom in on the heaviest shower. this is right around fort belvoir. right along route 1 you're going to see some fairly heavy rain and lightning out of this. a few lightning bolts. just a minute ago to the south of fairfax and then the other area around quantico making its way in through charles county so you'll see some fairly heavy rain, a brief, heavy downpour or two as this all moves off to the east. there will be a chance for more showers and a few more thunderstorms as we make our way through the evening and overnight. i'll show you when and exactly what you can expect for this weekend coming up. >> thank you, doug. hoping to improve efficiency and on time performance metro is looking at consolidating its bus stops. and they're turning to the public to figure out which stops to cut. news 4's jane watrel has our story. >> reporter: it's called the 70. metro buses georgia avenue 70 street line is one of the heaviest traveled in the district. allison peppers has been using
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the public transportation system for over four decades. >> it is respected by the citizens of this city, washington, d.c., and is well needed. >> reporter: but the 70 also makes frequent stops, something regulars say can drive them crazy. >> stop, stop, stop. >> sometimes them buses are like 30 minutes, 40 minutes late. >> reporter: so metro is holding a series of hearings next week to see which bus stops if any it should scrap. likely starting along the 70s and '90s routes. >> it is the first step and a chance for the public to voice their input and let us know what they think about the idea of bus consolidation along these two routes. >> cutting routes can be tricky. there are disabled riders who say they don't want to walk an extra block or two. others say they'll hoof it for a more efficient ride. >> i think it's a good idea.
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probably help the economy to stop spending like that. >> reporter: metro agrees saying it is one way to save money in the tight budget times. >> the goal is to improve on time performance and efficiency and also a chance to recoup some money as well. >> reporter: the exact bus stops that may be cut won't be known until summer. jane watrel, news 4. police say in fairfax county that road rage led to a deadly encounter on a neighborhood street. authorities say a woman died shortly after having an argument with another driver. now they are looking for the driver of a third vehicle involved in all of this. pat collins reports. >> reporter: harrison lane, an eerie sight here. a car covered in black plastic. next to it a lexus suv headed northbound in the southbound lane. police say around 11:30 this morning a woman who was in the car that's covered in plastic gets an exchange of words with
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the man driving the suv. they say she gets out and then something happens. something bad happens. something that causes her to die. police now trying to unravel that mystery. is it possible she was struck by the other car? >> it's possible she was struck by the other car. it's possible she was struck by another person. those are the questions that our detectives are looking into. >> reporter: police say the man driving the suv stayed on the scene. they're talking to him. in the meantime, in the neighborhood a great sense of concern about this deadly encounter. >> you hear about road rage and whole rack of accidents going on every day but just to see something like this around my neighborhood is crazy. >> i've grown up here and lived here for the last 40 years. i don't remember it being anything like this. >> reporter: investigators carefully pulling the protective tarp off the victim's car. they spent hours here working the scene.
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it could take some time before they find out what really happened here on harrison lane. i'm pat collins, news 4, fairfax county. >> therese are now looking for a third vehicle involved a black chevy suv that fled the scene. we've learned the victim is a 21-year-old woman from fairfax county. pat will have an update on news 4 at 6:00. we're just getting started on news 4 at 5:00 tonight. a sky high stunt just one of several big events this weekend around washington. what you need to know to navigate the crowds. a new jersey mother admits to an obsession with tanning. the case is shining some light on a dangerous habit. ♪
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♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions. the music world tonight is mourning the loss of a pioneer in hip hop. ♪ you gotta fight for your right to party ♪ >> beastie boys rapper adam yelk has died at the age of 47. yelk and his bandmates helped bring hip hop into the main stream in the 1980s starting with that first album "license to ill." yelk announced he was battling cancer in 2009 but the cause of
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death has not been announced. it's called tanorexia, an addiction to tanning. the problem got a lot of attention this week after a new jersey mother who admits tanning 20 times a month took her little girl to a salon. sarah miles looks at why some people just cannot get enough. >> reporter: for a woman who sees people tan every day -- >> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: tan lines salon owner michelle saunders couldn't believe her eyes when she first saw images of 44-year-old, deeply bronzed patricia krenzel. >> absolutely disgusting. to be really honest with you. that's horrible. >> reporter: what she also finds horrible that krenzel is accused of bringing her 5-year-old daughter anna into a tanning booth without the salon's knowledge and thus suffered a sunburn. >> it can burn them really bad. just sitting on the floor against the wall. i don't recommend anybody to tan under 18. >> reporter: krenzel admits anna was at the tanning salon but not in the room. she blames the burn on being outside. >> i would die right now for her. >> patricia are you excessively tanning yourself though? >> reporter: which leads to an
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even bigger problem, a tanning addiction. >> we often consider going to a tanning salon the equivalent of smoking for the skin. and the younger you start those effects are cumulative. >> reporter: researchers believe compulsive tanners may have an addiction to uv rays and give a feeling of euphoria. >> i think it is a big-time addiction. >> reporter: it is one thing saunders doesn't have a problem with and says fine as long as your exposure is moderated. >> it helps relax people. it helps gather your thoughts. i love it. >> in d.c. and maryland anyone under the age of 18 has to have a parent's permission to use a tanning bed. in virginia those under 15 need permission. >> whoa. makes you want to like spf 60, 75. 80. >> a hundred. >> so a little sun today? >> we saw a little sun. a lot of clouds this afternoon. >> a lot of clouds. we've had the waves come through. we saw a wave come through earlier this week and now another wave of showers and storms moving through. one more yet to come. in between we have seen some
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sunshine and we will see more sun around the district and about the next hour. right now that sun back toward leesburg and the winchester area, right now though the storminess is just down to the south of washington. outside right now let's take a look at storm 4 radar where the storms are right now just on down to the south including southern portions of fairfax county in through charles county and back toward prince william and stafford county. there is fairly heavy rain here. also this is the next line i'm talking about making its way right across virginia, west virginia border here. it's going to continue on to the east and may redevelop as we are seeing sunshine around leesburg down around la ray. we are seeing a little sunshine there and that adds to the instability so we could see a firing of the showers back to the west. let's zoom on into the south and show you where these are right now across the region. making their way right across the potomac here around mount vernon so you can see around vernon square, this is route 1 and right across the river down to the south there is lightning with this and some very heavy rain. some brief, heavy downpours
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associated with that. another one making its way across the river from quantico over toward charles county. this is route 344 here. you were seeing very heavy rain move through your area, too. have not seen any lightning with this but i wouldn't be surprised if you hear some thunder. that thunder coming from cloud to cloud lightning. most of the thunder or most of the lightning in a thunderstorm stays in the clouds. then we get a little bit of a break. here's one wave here. here's another wave that is going to try to come through. then there is a big break. the next batch of rain to move in is going to be from way up to the north and west and it's going to take its time getting here. i think by around maybe 11:00 or 12:00 tonight is when we could see the next band try to move on through here but i'm not expecting much. more throughout the evening. 82 right now with winds out of the west about 8 miles an hour. very warm and very humid across the region. 82 right now in washington. also around la plata back toward leesburg. 73 though. rain-cooled air in culpepper and right now 86 degrees is in frederick. now warm with showers across the area. here's the frontal boundary to
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the north. that will come through tomorrow night. it may help with showers and storms overnight tonight but then tomorrow most of the activity i think will stay south of washington. around fredericksburg, richmond, southern maryland. you have the best chances to see rain to the north of washington. i think much less of a chance for rain. by sunday, everybody breaks out into the sunshine and sunday is looking nice. this evening warm and humid. mostly cloudy with scattered showers and a few thunderstorms out there. tomorrow morning we could see a few more showers but again i'm not looking for too many. temperatures 60 to about 67 degrees. as we move through the next couple days your high tomorrow should get around 79 degrees with that chance of showers. once again, mostly to the south. 75 on sunday. sunday looking great and right now monday and tuesday looking pretty good, too, before our next storm system moves in late tuesday into the day on wednesday. that one hopefully should give rain to just about everybody if it comes through the right way. we need to see some rain. >> almost 5 inches. >> coming up, a murder for hire
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plot unravels. tonight a local school bus driver learns her fate after trying to order a hit on her romantic rival. >> burglars break into a jewelry store but didn't get away with the high end items they thought they were stealing. >> d.c. is preparing to unveil a new skate park near rfk stadium. next in sports we'll introduce you to the official skate boarder of our nation's capital. coming up on news 4 at 6:00 a serious road block causing some problems in china. things could get a lot worse before they get better.
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the parents of junior seau are hoping to help others avoid the tragedy they have now suffered. they've donated his brain for research into football-related injuries. the nfl great found dead at his ocean side, california home wednesday. the coroner says he shot himself. some are questioning whether brain injuries from football could have played a role in his death although there has been no medical confirmation of that sort of damage. we want to shift to sports. we're talking about skateboarding. >> yeah. this is cool. his name is darren harper and he has been called the official skateboarder of washington, d.c. he has risen through the ranks of the skateboarding world and is now a successful pro despite the fact he grew up with a crack addict for a mother and a dad who was in and out of prison. tomorrow he'll stand by the mayor's side for the ceremonial open of the skate park.
5:23 pm
>> meat team harper. >> also known as d. streets, the bomber of skate boarding d.c. >> darren hopper. >> unlike some clubs he is still playing the district. in fact, this skate park under the 295 freeway serves as home field and these days he is doing his pair share of winning. >> i am destined for success taking it each day at a time following my dream. >> when harper is not on the board he has made mentoring the district's youth a top priority. his influence was on full display at last year's maloof money cup the largest skateboard event in the district history with harper as the poster child. >> lately through skateboarding i've been trying to show the kids they have a different option. you know, everybody don't have to travel that common road that's known in the neighborhood. >> harper wasn't always a role model like a lot of other young people who become a product of their environment by his early teen years he was knee deep in
5:24 pm
the game of fast money and drugs. >> we headed to the old neighborhood where i grew up, first started skating where i first found the skateboard at. that neighborhood is savannah terrace. >> reporter: harper's story begins with the 1980s and crack growing up in one of the district's toughest neighborhoods. >> i just knew that this wasn't where i should be. like at this point in my life i was seeing too many people die. >> a gentleman got shot in the head right there. i was playing in the street when the shot rang out, pow. >> reporter: it was a conversation with the mother of his son that ignited an old childhood hobby. >> skating started in my head and sent me down memory lane like maybe you can reach down and rebirth that old hobby of skateboarding and make something out of it and do something with your life. >> this is savannah terrace, 22nd and savannah. the neighborhood where it first started for me where i first found my skateboarding you know? >> little did harper know at the time it would be on that board
5:25 pm
that he'd find clarity and that it would serve as the vehicle to get him out of an environment that was so counterproductive to the person he knew he could be. by applying his same hard working creativity using the streets to a legitimate craft, anything is possible. >> i really think i'll be the one to change things and, you know, just have the kids just see it differently. >> news 4 sports. >> the center of the skateboarding world of course out on the left coast in california but darren says he wants to keep his home base right here in washington, d.c. and spread the skateboarding news out to everybody. get more people involved and with the skate park opening up hopefully that's going to happen. >> he is quite impressive. philosophically and physically in his talents, yeah. >> you are absolutely correct. >> he has overcome so much. thank you, dan. >> you're welcome. up next a legal fight. the mother of uva murder victim yardley love goes after the university and the state of
5:26 pm
virginia and says they didn't do enough to protect her daughter. a first grader suspended from school for singing a popular song. why administrators say it's
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a fast 4 ward through the headlines. police say a homeless man killed a church administrator and left a copastor in critical condition. officers say 56-year-old douglas jones opened fire yesterday at st. peter's episcopal church in
5:29 pm
ellicott city. he then killed himself in the woods. officers say jones used the church food bank but was recently turned away because of his aggressive behavior. >> fairfax county police are looking for the driver involved in a deadly case of road rage that happened on harrison lane. the victim is a 21-year-old woman. pat collins will have the latest at 6:00. metro is asking the public to weigh in as it gets set to cut several bus stops across our region. officials hope consolidating stops will improve efficiency and on time performance. there will be three public hearings. the first one will be next tuesday at matthews memorial baptist church in southeast. now let's fast forward to the weather. >> watching a couple showers and thunderstorms out there right now just to the south of washington. take a look at storm 4 radar. you can see what i'm talking about here just to the south and we'll zoom on in here and you can see where these are in through prince george's county and around the waldorf area just west of waldorf around 301 so watch out if you are traveling around 210 or 223 just to the south of clinton, maryland.
5:30 pm
you'll see fairly heavy showers. there are some lightning bolts associated with this as well both moving toward the east. watch out waldorf and la plata. we probably get hit in the next half hour or so. >> in politics a new poll shows president obama with a lead over mitt romney in the battleground state of virginia. 51% of registered voters polled in favor of the president. 47% for romney. julie carey is here to tell us the numbers come as the president gets ready to launch his 2012 campaign this weekend in virginia. good timing. >> it is. well, president obama, you remember, made history in 2008 when he disrupted more than four decades of republican presidential wins to claim virginia. and in 2012, the commonwealth appears to be even more important to his bid for re-election which is why today he made his first of two visits in two days to virginia. virginians are going to see a lot of this and hear a lot of this. >> hello, virginia! >> reporter: between now and election day.
5:31 pm
both president obama and presumptive republican presidential nominee mitt romney are expected to wage a fierce campaign in battleground virginia. political observers say virginia is one of two states key to the president's re-election strategy. >> the obama campaign considers both ohio and virginia absolutely crucial to the president's re-election chances. >> when president obama announced his first virginia campaign rally would come saturday, the romney campaign one upped him with an appearance earlier this week in chantilly and portsmouth. obama's appearance in arlington this morning was focused on student loans but he talked first about the economy, the central issue in the upcoming presidential contest, and the number one issue for virginia voters. >> we'll recover all the jobs lost during the recession and if we're going to build a secure economy that strengthens the middle class then we have to do more. outside washington lee high school one virginia gop party leader says republicans hope to reverse obama's historic 2008 victory in virginia by proving mitt romney is better able to
5:32 pm
tackle the economic challenges ahead. >> barack obama as a candidate showed a lot of promise. he gives an unbelievable speech. all that said, the results haven't been there. that is why we believe virginia will come home to republicans. >> the political analyst says it all depends on whether virginia voters give the president credit for the economic turn around or give virginia republicans credit for the commonwealth's more robust economy. >> romney is going to tie himself very closely to the virginia governor who remains quite popular and the economic situation here is substantially better than in most of the rest of the states in the country. so the republicans will try to draw that benefit to the republicans' side. >> while mitt romney has had governor bob mcdonald at his side this week in virginia the president appears tomorrow with former governor tim kaine and a high profile sports figure the d.c. basketball coach shacka smart. >> thank you, julie. julie will be in richmond this saturday when the president holds his first 2012 campaign
5:33 pm
rally in virginia and she will be reporting a saturday night on news 4 at 11:00. a former loudoun county school bus driver is sentenced to six years in prison for trying to hire a hitman to kill a romantic rival. ann cinnamon of sterling pled guilty to murder for hire in february admitting to making a hundred dollar downpayment to a man she thought was a hitman and promised another 400 after he killed the woman she says was her boyfriend's mistress. instead that would-be hitman contacted the fbi. uva and the state of virginia are being sued now for the murder of yardley love. the victim's mother is suing the school and state in a wrongful death lawsuit seeking $30 million. sharon love claims the coaches, school athletic director, and the state ignored george huguely's alcohol abuse and aggressive behavior. huguely will be sentenced for love's murder in august. virginia attorney general ken cucenelli denies the state or university did anything wrong.
5:34 pm
one day after a former d.c. council member is sentenced to prison federal prosecutors say they are aggressively pursuing other allegations of corruption in the city government. the mayor and the council chairman are still under the microscope. tom sherwood has the latest. u.s. attorney for the district ronald machon told the wamu politics hour friday that the harry thomas jr. case, the former council member got 38 months in prison thursday for massive theft, is a warning to all public officials. >> it's really important that our elected officials act with integrity and honor and if they, don't people want to see them being held accountable. that is the importance of the case yesterday. >> reporter: he said agents aggressively are pursuing year-old investigations into the campaigns of mayor vincent gray and council chairman kwame brown. >> we feel an obligation to go quickly but also carefully. and we know there is a sense of urgency. my office, my prosecutors are working very hard. a lot of late nights, long weekends. but we have a very important job
5:35 pm
to do and we can only move forward once we examine all the facts. i live here in the city as well and i know, you know, the sense of urgency here and i know how important matters are. >> brown and gray both have denied wrongdoing. machon said the reality of prison has settled in for thomas who also resigned from the d.c. council. >> you spend a day in jail, one day is one day too many for most of us. and so i think most individuals are frightened about that. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood, news 4. >> there is no parole in the federal prison system so harry thomas jr. will likely serve at least a full 30 nonts prison and is expected to be told when and where to report to start serving the sentence in about six weeks. former first lady laura bush was in town today as honorary chair for the restoration of the national mall. today she spoke to barbara harrison about two special veterans who visited the world war ii memorial. one was a fighter pilot. the other was a mechanic.
5:36 pm
>> the fighter pilot was my father-in-law president george h.w. bush and the mechanic was her majesty queen elizabeth ii of britain. it was when queen elizabeth was here for a state dinner when george was president and she wanted to see the world war ii memorial. and so we knew the best tour guide would be another world war ii veteran, my father-in-law. >> coming up tonight on news 4 at 6:00 the former first lady tells barbara how her life has changed since leaving the nation's capital. coming up next, navigating the crowd, big events that could create major delays around d.c. this weekend. >> he was the renowned chef at galileo. now he is putting his skills to use at a new restaurant near american university. so is it worth a visit? so is it worth a visit? "the washington never in my lifetime did i think i could walk 60 miles in 3 days. if my mom can fight and beat breast cancer, i can walk 60 miles. (woman) the fund-raising was the easiest part. people were very giving.
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complete strangers wanting to help. i knew someday i was gonna do this walk. if i can do this, you definitely can do this. we can do this. we can all do this together. (man) register today for the... and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime.
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a news 4 i-team exclusive tonight. missing parts not replaced for years. signs not inspected for decades. the i-team is showing you why some say more needs to be done to maintain highway signs. tonight why some signs in our area haven't been inspected since the '90s. and problems noted years ago are still not fixed. tonight at 11:00 how transportation officials jumped into action after we started asking some questions. and there are a few chefs in
5:40 pm
town who make news when they open a restaurant just because of who they are. roberto donna, formerly of galileo is one of them. >> he sure is. "the washington post" food critic tom sietsema checks out whether his new restaurant is worth it. >> one difference between the way roberto donna cooked at the late galileo 3 downtown and at the new restaurant near american university is the number of eggs the chef now folds into his ravioli. five whole eggs per pound of flour versus 22 yolks per pound in the days when he ran his own restaurant. the new restaurant is big and beautiful. there's a lot for a diner to absorb. splashes of tangerine, stacks of wood, and black chandeliers lend spirit to the concrete and steel space. as everywhere else, small plates dominate the first half of the menu. whipped cod makes nice munch. butter bathed anulotti stuffed with roast veal and pork are pleasant if a little more dense than i am accustomed to at an adonna destination. the pizza maker appears to still
5:41 pm
be getting used to the 800-pound pizza oven. the crust tastes on target but the bottom could use more char and the center is soupy enough with tomato sauce to make me ask for a spoon. i'm saving the best of what i tried for last. the dome-shaped super moist hemisphere tiramasu served with hot chocolate sauce and candy hazel nuts. plenty for two to split but easy for one to knock back if not careful. there are salads on the menu, more kids in the mix of customers, and no dish priced higher than $20. this is tom sietsema, food critic for "the washington post." >> that's right around the corner from us. we could split that cake or get two. >> we're not splitting it. get two. >> for more of tom's take on food and restaurants check out "the washington post" magazine this weekend. >> and for tom's video reviews go to nbc now to some breaking news right now. a two alarm fire is creating a major mess in columbia heights. jackie bensen is live on the
5:42 pm
scene with details. >> reporter: jim, i'll show you what it looks like here in columbia heights. right down there in the 1300 block of girard street northwest there is a town house i believe as it has been described to me on fire. you can see the d.c. fire ladder truck is there. still putting water on the flames. you can see the smoke down at ground level. we are told a firefighter, d.c. firefighter did >w some minor injuries and was i don't know if he's been transported or whether he was treated here at the scene.altu you can imagine where we are this is causing a major traffic jam in the columbia heights area. there are fire hoses, cabled down various streets. there are people. i'll have my photographer pull around with me this way and follow me around and show you what the scene looks like here on the streets. we have fire engines. we have hoses strung across girard street here. harvard street is blocked from 11th to 14th.
5:43 pm
all the streets around here are blocked as you can imagine with this fire apparatus and things like that. so again, at this time, we understand one firefighter is injured. many, many streets in the area are closed and that is backing traffic up all around this part of town. when we get more details we'll bring tlem to you. >> what a busy area. and time too. thank you, jackie. >> rush hour. kicked out of the classroom. up next the popular song that got a first grader suspended. plus new and improved rumors about the latest iphone are lighting up the web. i'm liz crenshaw. what can consumers get out of a recent lawsuit brought against nutella? that is the question. the answer is coming up on "ask liz" on news 4 at 5:00. right now a couple showers and a few thunderstorms. mostly south of washington. the biggest one right now just mount vernon around waldorf and 301. be on the lookout. heavy rain and lightning and thunder also accompanying this storm. i'll show you what is up for the rest of the evening and your
5:44 pm
weekend forecast coming up.
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for the latest on the weather, some storms are moving through parts of the region, doug? >> we'll continue to watch these storms as they make their way through the region. 79 degrees at the airport. notice one thing here. we're looking at mostly cloudy skies. look at the winds. really picking up this past hour. southwest at 20 miles an hour. as a result of the storms just to the south of the airport right along the river. current temperature, 79 in washington.
5:47 pm
rain come through. 68 degrees there. 81 in leesburg. 82 in huntingtown. camp springs the rain on your door step right now, your temperature right now at 81 degrees. here is the rain in a rather strong thunderstorm, not severe. i'm not too worried about this but we are looking at some lightning out of this around waldorf right now on top of waldorf, numerous lightning strikes here right around 301 and we'll zoom in a little farther here or a little closer. you can see mount vernon also seeing some of that rain. fort belvoir still raining on you. middle town road around berry, along 228 and 301 so right where 228 and 301 meet is where some of the heaviest rain is. also some showers around smallwood drive. these are going to continue to make their way off toward the east. you'll hit 5, route 5 coming up here in about the next 15 to 20 minutes. overnight lows 67 in washington. 60 in leesburg. 61 in manassas. there will be a few showers and thunderstorms throughout the evening into the overnight hours. tomorrow night, take a look at this. the super moon makes its way out and i think we may clear out
5:48 pm
just in case. this is going to be one big full moon tonight and hopefully we'll be able to watch that across our area. 79 degrees for a high tomorrow. 80 manassas. 80 culpepper. best chance of storms tomorrow i think should stay around washington down to the south. north looking pretty good. >> thank you. there are a lot of big events going on in washington this weekend that will be drawing some big crowds. with metro slated to do some major repair work at the same time, it could make getting around even trickier. richard jordan joins now live from nats park with details. >> reporter: it is another jam packed weekend and may be hard to fit everything in to just two days. things get started here tonight at the nats game where the visiting team is attempting to take over but nats fans say not so fast. >> can't beat it. no! >> reporter: the nats/phillies series is sure to stir up a heated rivalry. many phillies fans are making
5:49 pm
the two and a half-hour trip to try to take over nats park. >> we came up to support the phillies. >> and these loyal fans are not shy about showing their team pride in someone else's house. >> i think it ought to be just fine. we deal with mets fans and i don't think it can get much worse than that. >> reporter: but the nats aren't the only team in town. the caps continue to chase the stanley cup. if the last game was any indication it could be a close one and a very long night. but if hockey won't keep you up, then maybe these acrobats can open your eyes. the kennedy center will host project banda loop. the area dance company will perform an act similar to thun with, the troupe dancing on the face of the old post office pavilion later in the week. starting sunday there are free events that go beyond the stage. >> for us to work with artists whose specialty is entertaining people out on the street is just
5:50 pm
fabulous. >> reporter: next can food and margaritas are also on tap. cinco de mayo will undoubtedly draw crowds to bars and restaurants but the holiday will last beyond happy hour this year. mexican restaurants are preparing for a busy weekend. >> we're expecting this to be our busiest cinco de mayo in a while. usually it's our best day of the year anyway. >> there is a lot going on but it may not be easy to event hop. metro is slated to work on all five rail lines this weekend. metro suggests factoring in some extra travel time. or you can always walk. the avon walk for breast cancer can get you moving all for a good cause. there is a walk on saturday and another one on sunday. back to the nats game yesterday d.c. mayor vincent gray announced that it is going to be natitude weekend hoping the nats fans will out number the philly fans. right now it's not looking so good but there is still some time.
5:51 pm
the game starts at 7:00. reporting live at nats park richard jordan news 4. what's the difference between regular and premium gas? how do you ripen an avocado? and a question about a class action settlement against nutella. it's friday so let's "ask liz." >> nice to see you. >> we'll start with this nuttella as a class action settlement. this woman in bladensburg asked how it will affect her and other consumers who have nutella. >> it actually is real. as it turns out there have been two lawsuits against the company that do affect consumers. both lawsuits claim that nutella's parent company made statements claiming nutella is healthier than it actually is. anyone that purchased a jar in any state other than california between january 1, 2008 and february 3, 2012, can file a claim form to get a settlement fund. consumers can get up to four
5:52 pm
bucks per jar of nutella they purchased during that time and claims can be submitted for up to five jars for a maximum reward of 20 bucks. to file a claim simply go to nutella class action yeah it is real. there is a lawsuit. and you can get money back. >> all righty. there you go. our next question from rob in alexandria. what is the difference in putting regular and premium fuel into your car? >> unless your engine is knocking buying premium gas is typically a waste of money for most cars. gas stations do offer three octane grades -- regular or 87, mid grade or 89 and premium usually 92 or 93 octane. octane ratings are a measure of the gas's ability to resist engine knock or that rattling or pinging sound that comes from premature ignition of the air fuel mixture. before picking a gas grade simply read your owner's manual and follow the recommendation. the bottom line is that if the manual says your car needs regular, don't be tempted to treat it with premium. it won't do it any good. >> because the difference between regular and premium can
5:53 pm
be like 50 bucks. >> it's a lot of money. >> the last question comes from alan in time for cinco de mayo. he wants to know how to ripen an avocado. >> let's go. we took this question to the california avocado commission. it says the place just to put the fruit in a plain brown paper bag at room temperature. the avocado will be ready in two to five days. now if you need to move it faster adding an apple or a banana will speed up the ripening process inside the bag because of the gases from the other fruits make the avocado ripen. ripe avocados can be refrigerated but not more than two or three days and the california avocado commission does not recommend using a microwave to accelerate the ripening process. if you have a question you'd like us to consider send it to ask liz at nbc you can also connect with me on twitter. just search liz crenshaw and on facebook by searching liz crenshaw's consumer watch. happy cinco de mayo. avocados and limes and all sorts of things. >> and good guacamole. >> thank you both. coming up next on news 4 at
5:54 pm
5:00 a jewelry store heist with a big twist. why the crooks didn't get away with the high end items they thought they were stealing. coming up at 6:00 tonight the news 4 i-team is taking another look at the safety of highway signs after one came crashing down. a con artist has been convicted in a scheme that involved him dressing up as his mother. and former first lady laura bush talks about life after the white
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
suspended for three days for first grade. here is what he did. he quoted the lmfao song "i'm sexy and i know it" and the 6-year-old is accused of telling that to a girl in the lunch line at school. his mother says he got in trouble last month for doing the same thing to the same girl but this time he also shook his behind. the school officials say their sexual harassment policy has no age limit. >> oh, all right. caught on tape a group of thieves break into a jewelry store and take as much as they can carry out. >> they were fast. but little did they know that their haul was worth next to nothing. >> nbc explains how the thieves got fooled by fake jewels. >> reporter: it's early monday
5:58 pm
morning and these three men just used a brick to break a front window to get inside the jewelers in farmington. once in they get to work smashing several display cases and hastily grabbing anything they can get their hands on. >> they were wearing ski masks and heavy coats to conceal their identity. >> reporter: in the store less than three minutes the men load their bags with jewelry and drive off in this red, older model sedan. they may have thought they pulled off the greatest heist but in this case all that glitters is not gold. >> fortunately for us a lot of rings that they did get were cubic zirconia and silver so, you know, they're sample rings. we do a lot of samples. so, fortunately, they're pretty well worthless. >> reporter: the owner says it has become more of an industry standard for jewelers to display what they call sample pieces, which are way less expensive and keep the real deal in saves.
5:59 pm
these thieves may have gotten away but they didn't make off with very much. >> everything was -- this way, it is unfortunate that it kdeeen a lot worse. >> the thieves are still out there. now at 6:00 a homeless man blamed for a shooting in a maryland church. a developing story. deadly violence in a house of worship. >> tonight police say it was a homeless man who killed an administrator inside a church in howard county. another person was critically injured and another person in the church was injured in that shooting. it all happened yesterday at st. peter's episcopal church in ellicott city in maryland. police say the shooter then killed himself, his body found in the woods. officers think the man started shooting because he was angry with the church for some reason. derrick ward has more on the


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